montypla asked:

Played a bit more of No More Heroes (The PS3 port), and yeah, it's a bit janky and doesn't feel like it was really meant to be played with a controller. Had some serious slowdown too. But it's still a lot of fun and weird as hell, which is what I was looking for anyways.

That’s fine then!

montypla asked:

Hey Matt, is the PS3 version of No More Heroes good? I got it today after hearing you guys and a couple friends hype it up, but I don't have a Wii so I had to go for the port.

It’s inferior to the Wii version in alot of ways. It’s far buggier, worse frame rate, and while it’s graphics are nice on the surface-level, it loses a lot of the charm the cell-shading had in the original. None of it’s control options work as well as the Wiimote I find.That’s no surprise, since the game was not designed for either the Dual Shock or the Move. That being said, if you have the PS3 version, you might as well play through it. I kind of liken it to the original version of the Star Wars movies, then the CG-laden special editions that came out later on.

lomill97 asked:

Hey, Matt! So my friend and I are huge Marvel fans and we want to get into marvel vs capcom 3 because we like the job Capcom did making the Marvel charcters. I've had no experience with a Capcom fighter. Is this a good jumping on point?

Uhhhh no. Start with like, Street Fighter, and work your way up. At the very least, try the Marvel Origins collection on PSN/XBL.

baronbattle asked:

Yo man, @artofbattle is my art blog. I really appreciate you re blogging my post, I'm glad you liked it! If you ever want me to draw you guys something else, like a title card for an LP or whatever, I'd be more than happy to. Thanks again!

Sure thing! Your art is sick, man!