lumberjackdaniel asked:

Yo Matt! Been wondering all throughout Superfriends what some good superhero games are. I know that the Hulk game and that Thor DS game are pretty good but what are some of your favorites?

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, for both console and DS.

Ghost Rider

Ultimate Spider-Man

Batman Brave and the Bold


Batman Arkham Asylum

X-Men 1 & 2 for Genesis

Marvel Lego

DC Batman Lego 2

X-Men Origins Wolverine


Captain America Super Soldier

The Punisher for PS2/Xbox

Spider-Man Friend or Foe

Justice League Task Force for SNES

Batman Returns SNES

Batman NES

princessofthesloths asked:

Hi Matt! How has your day been? Also, what's your favorite kind of weather?

Hiiii Princess ol buddy! Very busy day! Nuzlocke stream, editing a shit ton of videos, put together and installed BBQ, and caught the AVGN movie with Liam, and now answering tumblr questions while rubbing Zach’s tummy! Favorite weather? Fall weather, specially October!