kid-shakespeare asked:

YO Matt! Me and a few of my friends were wondering if it would be too much trouble to also film the podcast, because We feel it's a lot easier to listen to if we can actual see something. "Know what I mean?". Anyways just wondering, are you an AmeriCAN or and AmeriCAN'T?

It’s actually a huge problem to film the podcast, so no, sorry.

emranisdead asked:

Yo Matt I think I found a awesome 4 player co-op game called "Moon Diver" its a side scrolling megaman like game. And all 4 payers can play locally as well. You had a leader guy in red armor,a hot anime chick with a eye patch in blue armor,Black guy wearing orange armor and 4th guy wearing green armor. It has light RPG elements and I think you should be in red,Liam is blue,Pat is orange and Woolie is green. You can find it on the XBL arcade and its published by Square Enix.

zrifepsych asked:

Yo Matt where did the "WAIT A MINUTE" comes from? Also are you a fan of Persona, since you just fuckoff during the Personacast.

I fucked off, because I haven’t played any Persona games. Just like how Liam and Pat fucked off during the Game of Thrones spoilercast because they don’t watch GoT.

robotmoxie asked:

hey matt i dunno if it's just you that organizes stuff on the youtube channel or if i should be telling someone else, but the dark souls playlist is missing episode 17. just a little thing, caught my attention when i was running it in the background yesterday. love you guys, keep being rad, hope i'm not being a turd for pointing out something as small as this!

I think Woolie organizes that. I dunno why he lied about putting that part in there though.