Hey all! If you are going to PAX Prime, or know someone who is, here is where the fuck we will be! Machinima’s booth #132 on the 4th floor, across from the “sure-to-be empty” Sega booth!

We will be there for a meet and greet from 11AM to 12PM on Friday, and 3PM - 4PM on Saturday and Sunday! We will also be walking/standing in line all over the convention too! Try to catch us all!

who-woulda-thunkit asked:

My boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue today, and naturally I was devastated. Then I put on your Deadly Premonition playlist and just sat and watched until I was laughing so hard I cried some more, in a good way! I really needed a laugh and some friends today, and even though you guys weren't there really, I didn't feel so lonely. I know that most of the time it's just silly, debauched bullshit. But for someone having a rough day, it's a much needed laugh. Keep up the good work, gents. :)

You’re too good for him anyway! Glad we are able to help you through tough times regardless! ^__^

stutteringphantom asked:

Since it's been a year since the Last of Us play through, I'm just going to say you were super wrong about what Joel should've done in the end. Pat, for the first time in forever, is super right. Think about it: the world has already gone to shit. If fireflies had somehow created a vaccine, which would be super rare and unlikely, what difference would it make? People have turned pretty fucking shitty with no redemption and the clickers would still kill you. So, how would the cure really help?

When it comes to situations like these, no one is really “right” or “wrong” you can’t say for sure when it comes down to it, I honestly feel Naughty Dog dropped the ball a bit in the story department when it comes to the ending of the last of us. Ellie was denied a say in her own fate, Joel took it upon himself to kill people that were actually trying to save the world (wrong or not, that was their intention) We were not shown how that scenario with Ellie and the fireflies played out. And I think it’s a little cheap, because it would have been an incredibly vital one.

Also, I find it VERY depressing to think there’s no hope left in the world, to just give up on it. Are there bad people in the world of the last of us? Yes. But does that mean all the good people should be condemned too? I find that harsh. Is the world actually dead? No food, no water? Life is tough, sure, but it’s not like Fist of the North Star or Mad Max where a natural resource is just gone. People can rebuild after tragedies, and saying it’s not worth doing so is very defeatist to me, and kinda sad.

I think the movie/book Children of Men does a far, FAR better way at taking a depressing global crisis and perfectly balancing both sides of “fuck the world it sucks and no, you can’t give up, there’s stuff worth fighting for”

I’m happy The Last of Us tried to do something different with it’s ending, I just think it was done a bit clumsily and didn’t really give us both sides of the story, or honestly favored one over the other a little bit. It’s an incredible game, don’t get me wrong, but yeah, the story is a little uneven for me.